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Senior Photo Sessions

Petersen Photography, LLC conducts all aspects of your session as a full service photographer. You have ideas, now is the time to tell me! First we will meet to discuss your session. I will listen to your ideas on favorite locations, activities or outfit that you want to incorporate, and work with you to create some locations and shooting opportunities that will capitalize on your personality. This is where I learn about you, and how you want your shoot and print results to look. I take that information and combine it with my creative eye, techniques and knowledge to come up with our plan for your awesome session day!

The day of the session is nothing but fun! Bring your outfits and accessories! Outfits are unlimited! Your session time is based on the session you selected, and we can keep shooting to create a ton of fun images! This will give you something for everyone, the traditional portrait that Grandma loves, and the personality that mom and dad want to see and yes of course, the edgy fun and different look that the senior wants.

After the images are captured, I retouch and edit the images to enhance the natural beauty of the photograph. Nothing fakey or phoney, and you won’t look like an over-processed model when I am done.

When it is time for the big reveal, an appointment is made, and it is done in person where I can guide you every step of the way. This process allows me to help you pick the images you love, the ones you can’t live without, and the ones that speak to you, so you get the best variety possible. The number of images depends on the session chosen.

I offer a variety of items on some unique textures and mediums. I can show you  interesting ways to display your new wall art, what works best for you and fits your home, style and your needs. You are in charge of your money, there are no predetermined package where you are stuck with pictures you won’t use (you know like the school envelopes that still have some sitting in the package from 5th grade). I specialize in assisting you to structure what you want to order so you get the most bang for your buck.

Your order is placed and when the products are delivered, you get to enjoy beautiful photographic art, of a moment captured in time and is uniquely YOU for decades to come.

Ready for an appointment?  Need more information?  Just Contact Us!

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